Town to get emergency drones


The town’s fire and police departments have been approved to purchase two drones.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the purchase Monday night for $32,000. The money will come from the CARES Act grant that the town received.
“Like other technological breakthroughs in recent times, the development of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) has the potential to revolutionize public safety,” said Police Chief Dale Lane. “These systems are portable, relatively easy to learn and use, and are becoming increasingly affordable as more manufacturers enter the growing market.
“The Collierville Police Department sUAS team,” he added, “made up of members from both the police and fire departments, may provide aerial support during investigative missions, tactical response missions, search and rescue operations or other emergencies in which there is a real and present danger to the community and property.”
Lane said the devices will feature thermal imaging and will be used help find lost persons, protect police officers during searches for armed suspects, decrease time needed to process crime and accident scenes, and aid in disaster relief and recovery.
The Bartlett Police Department sUAS Team has agreed to train Collierville’s officers at no charge.