Candidates told to refrain from use of Collierville Schools materials, logos


The Collierville School District released a statement on Tuesday indicating that it will not endorse any political candidates in the upcoming Nov. 3 municipal election.
“Generally, the governing board of a school district is empowered to provide voters relevant facts and to aid them in reaching an informed decision when voting on a political issue,” it states. “However, public agencies like school districts must remain neutral regarding political contests. Public resources, including public facilities, may not be used to advocate for one side or the other in the political process. The Collierville Schools do not endorse or support any candidate running for office.”
The Collierville School District may not:
• Use school district resources, funds, or equipment to create advertisements or promotional materials, such as bumper stickers, signs, and buttons;
• Act in an official capacity to support or oppose a political candidate or issue;
• Instruct or allow school district employees to campaign on behalf of a political candidate or issue during a paid working day; nor
• Allow candidates or others to distribute campaign literature on school property and/or through school resources such as email lists or other facilities.
Collierville Schools respectfully declines all meeting requests from Board of Education candidates and Alderman candidates with Collierville Schools administration and staff.
This protects the integrity of the school district and maintains the neutrality of all active Board of Education Members toward candidates campaigning for a vacant position on the Board of Education or in Town leadership.
Communications and meetings with Collierville Schools administration or staff should not be used in a candidate’s political campaign.
The Collierville Schools Board of Education and district administrators request that all candidates campaigning for election refrain from the use of official school district branded materials, logos, intellectual property and staff names in their political campaigns, including direct messages, social media posts, printed flyers, web pages, etc.