Town to install camera systems programmed to read license plates


The Collierville Police Department is looking to invest in 17 camera systems that are programmed to read license plates.
According to Chief Dale Lane, Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) systems are “becoming one of the most powerful tools that can help law enforcement identify vehicles that may have warrants, listed as stolen or even listed as related to missing persons.”
The department currently has two ALPR cameras. Eleven neighborhoods throughout the town are also equipped with systems that are used by the department.
The town has received $75,000 in grant money for the systems, which will be leased for two years. The devices are solar powered and use a “hotlist” system that can read a vehicle’s registration plate and compare it to a list to determine if a vehicle has been reported stolen or has been linked to a missing or wanted person.
The devices will be mounted at various entry points around town.
In related news:
In an effort to be “flexible to the ever evolving needs” of town employees, Collierville will adopt an alternative work schedule policy for many of it workers.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will discuss the schedule Monday night.
As the COVID-19 pandemic spread through the Mid-South, the town implemented a “alternative work schedule” and a “remote work” policies for several town positions.
Deemed successful, the policies allow the department heads to designate which positions and people in their department are eligible.
The policies are not an option for all positions, including “customer-facing positions requiring either physical presence or electronic access during working hours.”
“It is clear as the pandemic continues,” wrote Jay Jeffries, Human Resources Director, “the town as an employer will need to be flexible to the ever evolving needs of our employees.”