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Town works to address landfill odor

Collierville is taking “agressive steps” to address the aroma coming from a local landfill.

The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted unanimously last week to engage the law firm of Baker, Donaldson, Bearman Caldwell and Berlowitz to work toward solutions for dealing with the smell that emanates from the E-PLEX landfill at 10636 Shelton Road.

Town staff has been working to identify options to reduce the odor since late 2018.

The immediate task ahead is to develop the scope of work the legal team will pursue. Members of the legal team have a broad scope of experience in environmental law and compliance matters with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Neighbors have complained about the stench that surrounds the landfill.

“Ultimately,” said Town Administrator James Lewellen, “we want a landfill management plan in place to improve the standards and requirements concerning air quality and health hazards at the E-PLEX. There won’t be a quick fix, there is a lot of work ahead but we have a good team in place.”

The E-Plex landfill is privately owned and operated by Blaylock and Brown.

The E-PLex landfill has been in existence and operating in Collierville for many years. It is classified as a class III/IV landfill which means that only demolition and construction materials are disposed there.

Waste generated during construction, demolition, remodeling, repair of pavements, brush, leaves, are examples of the type of material sent to the Frank Road landfill.