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Investigation determines that booster club charged extra fees

Last week, the state comptroller’s office released findings from an investigation that determined the Collierville High School Baseball Booster Club was charging higher fees from team members than were approved by the Board of Education. The investigation also found that the booster club failed to deposit the fees into the right account.

It was revealed that, in addition to payment of the established activity fee, each team member was required to raise a specified amount of money through participation in booster club fundraisers. The team members could satisfy the requirement by either making sales to or obtaining donations from third parties or by “buying out the requirement with direct payment to the booster club.

For the 2017 baseball season, each team member was expected to pay a total of $2,100 to participate in the baseball program, exceeding the $1,600 fee limit approved by the Collierville Schools Board of Education.

For the 2018-19 school year, the Board of Education approved player fees of $100 for Collierville High School baseball, noting that additional funds may be “requested” through fundraising efforts and membership dues with the school support organization. Players paid the $100 athletic fee directly to the school.

Booster club officials stated for the 2018-19 school year, in addition to the payment of the approved $100 activity fee, each team member was required to remit fees, fundraiser profits or buy out payments totaling $2,000 to the booster club.

The booster club was established to support and serve the Collierville High School baseball program. It provides “financial support” through fundraising efforts in order to provide uniforms, equipment, supplemental pay for coaches and other expenses like field maintenance and coaching clinics.

The booster club is governed by a board of directors. The head coach and assistant coaches, as well as the school principal, serve as permanent members of the board. The hard coach appoints the club officers, who also serve as board members.