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The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously moved forward with a resolution that will eventually alter the Town Charter to limit the terms of elected officials.

Board members discussed the resolution Monday during their regularly scheduled meeting.

Currently, the Town Charter states that the “Mayor and Aldermen shall be eligible for re-election,” allowing town officials to be elected to an unlimited number of terms.

The resolution would adjust language in the charter to prevent future aldermen and mayors from serving more than three terms, or 12 years.

While noting that she supports term limits, Alderman Maureen Fraser, who has served the town for 13 years, wondered why three terms was the “magic number.”

Alderman Billy Patton said that many Tennessee municipalities have even shorter term limits.

Alderman John Worley suggested that the charter include a longer residency stint for future officials. Currently, a resident must only live in Collierville for 60 days before being eligible for candidacy.

Because any changes to the charter must be approved by the Tennessee General Assembly, which won’t meet again until next year, town officials have agreed to

“work out the specifics” in coming months.

Chris Huelsing

Chris Huelsing

In other news:

Collierville resident Chris Huelsing addressed the board and asked that they move forward with a memorial for former town mayor Linda Kerley, who passed away in November 2013.

Noting that Kerley was the town’s first female alderman and only female mayor, Huelsing said he has sent emails to the board members and doesn’t want to let the “situation stand still.”

“I’d like to see some positive movement on a memorial,” he said. “Now is the time to recognize [her].”

Mayor Stan Joyner said he recently received a similar request from another resident and that he will take the matter under advisement.