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Town recommends backflow tests for residents

Town of Collierville  

It’s been a rainy spring so far, but a dry, hot summer is right around the corner. 

As summer approaches, it is time for many residents to start thinking about restarting their inground, irrigation systems. Before you do, it is crucial to have a backflow test completed and submitted to the Town’s Utilities Division; find the report here.

“The backflow tests are for inground irrigation systems and business that have a potential for cross connection. A cross connection is any actual or potential connection between your drinking water system and any non-drinkable source that could result in contamination of the drinkable water system,” said Bob Diehl, the Town’s Cross Connection Representative.

 Backflow is when the water in your pipes flows in the opposite direction of its normal flow, potentially causing contamination. Backflow testing helps to keep the Town’s drinking water safe.

The town’s Utilities Division would like to answer some of the common questions about backflow testing:

Who does the backflow test?

The test must be done by a certified tester. Either your irrigation company or plumber should have certified staff or a contact for you.

How do I find an approved tester?

(Memphis Light Gas and Water) MLGW has a list of approved testing companies on their website here: mlgw.com/images/content/files/pdf/Companies_for_website_testingcompanies.pdf.

Do I have to test the backflow if I do not use the system?

Yes, the unit will have to be tested to ensure the safety of the Town’s drinking water. The options are:

If you do not use the system, you may have the backflow removed and the lines capped off by your irrigation company or plumber. Once this is completed, they would need to send that updated report to the Town.

If you have a separate irrigation meter, you can contact Town Hall and have the account made inactive and the meter will be locked off, severing the connection to the water supply.

How do I get a separate water meter?

Call Public Services at 901.457.2800 and we will give you all the necessary information.

My tester says I need a device ID number and token number. Where do I find that information?

You do not need these numbers in Collierville. These numbers are required for the MLGW backflow program.

How do I sent in my backflow test report?

The easiest way to send your report is email [email protected], or by mail to 500 Keough Road Collierville, TN 38017.

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