Collierville appoints new Town Clerk 

Town of Collierville

When asked what is most appealing about the Town Clerk position, Kristie Diamond shared “it’s exciting to record some of the Town’s history by capturing what was discussed during public meetings.” 

Exciting and crucially important, it is the Town Clerk’s responsibility to ensure the  Town remains transparent and complies with state law. This position is nominated by Mayor Stan Joyner and is put to a vote by the full board. On November 13,  2023, the Board voted in favor of appointing Kristie Diamond to Town Clerk. 

“This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one,” said Town Administrator Molly Mehner during the  Board meeting. Kristie’s appointment is a result of Lynn Carmack retiring from the position after 28 years of  service to the Town of Collierville. With two state Distinguished Service Awards and numerous certifications,  Lynn is an invaluable source of information and has helped Kristie prepare for the role. 

Kristie first started working for the Town in the Finance Department as an Accounting Technician in 2019. She  was already a Collierville resident raising two Collierville Schools students and was looking for a different job  closer to home. She had 20 years of accounting experience, and the Accounting Technician position was the  perfect role to get her started with a career with the Town. While working in accounting, Kristie kept track of  the Mayor and Aldermen and Administration budgets. Former Town Administrator James Lewellen took notice  of Kristie’s work ethic and asked if she would be interested in becoming the Town Clerk in the future. 

In 2022, Kristie moved to the Administration Department as the Administrative Specialist, Senior. During this  time, she shadowed Lynn and started attending the Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders  conferences to begin earning her state certification. 

Her primary responsibilities as the Town Clerk include recording management including record retention,  managing the agenda and minutes during Mayor and Aldermen meetings, certifying resolutions and ordinance  passed by the Board, and overseeing public records requests. Then there is always retrieving files from the vault,  as requested, to refer to Town history when warranted.  

“It just all worked out,” said Kristie. “Finding a career path I enjoy and being in Collierville, my home.” Kristie will officially start the new Clerk era on November 20.

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