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New ‘upscale’ eatery slated to open on ‘restaurant row’ | Collierville Independent

A new “upscale” restaurant will likely soon open in the city’s historic district across the street from Germantown High School.

The Beer Board unanimously approved a permit for “on-premise consumption” Monday night for a future restaurant at 7642 Poplar Pike.

City Administrator Patrick Lawton called the property “one of the older homes in Germantown.”

Historically referred to as the Whitlow Home, the restaurant would carry an eponymous moniker.

Alderman Mary Anne Gibson called the property a “special place.”

When asked if the sale of alcohol near the high school would pose any challenges, applicant Michael Anthony Westmoreland said the restaurant would not be open during school hours.

“This is an upscale restaurant,” he noted. “We don’t plan on being open for lunch service. So, we won’t interfere with high school traffic.”

Mayor Mike Palazzolo called the restaurant concept a “pleasant surprise.”

“I think that area of the city is going to now be restaurant row,” he said. “There are four restaurants already at Old Germantown and Poplar Pike. A fifth will make it even more prominent.

“I live in your neighborhood,” he added. “I look forward to walking there.”

Justin Thomas of Thomas Family Law purchased the property in 2015.

Built in the 1840s by Dr. Cornelius Thompson, the building has served as a schoolhouse, Civil War refuge and an antique store before becoming a law office.

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