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New home sales show no signs of slowing in 2019

New rooftops in Collierville continue to go up at a considerable rate compared to many of Shelby County’s other municipalities.
Through September, the town has seen 117 new home sales, according to data from the Memphis Area Association of Realtors.
Putting this into perspective, Shelby County has seen 453 new sales in 2019. The next closest municipality to Collierville, not named Memphis, is Arlington with 75 new sales. The Cordova area has experienced 96 new sales through September, but Bartlett (40) and Germantown (17) are both down 60 and 53 percent, respectively, from the previous year.
Collierville is actually up nearly 2 percent from 2018.
While Germantown’s new houses are selling at a median sales price of $715,976, Collierville’s isn’t far behind at $518,621.
The town has seen 929 total sales through September, which is nearly identical to the previous year. At $379,900, Collierville still holds the highest median sales price in the county for all home sales.
Last month, sales were also up 11 percent in Collierville at 111.
Overall sales in 2019 for some of the town’s neighbors include; Arlington (335), Bartlett (909), Cordova (1,819), Germantown (643), Lakeland (246), and Millington (181). Of these communities, sales were up in Arlington, Lakeland and Millington from 2018.

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