Jobless rate up at end of 2020


The jobless rate in Collierville was up 1 percentage point over the Christmas holidays. 

At 4.2 percent, the town closed out 2020 with 1,127 unemployed residents, according to new data released by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

In comparison, 2.7 percent of the town’s workforce was unemployed in December of 2019. 

The latest jobless numbers show unemployment increased in each of Tennessee’s counties during December 2020.

There were six counties with an unemployment rate of less than 5 percent in December, 88 counties had rates greater than or equal to 5 percent, and one county had a rate higher than 10 percent. 

Shelby County’s rate was 8.4 percent, up from 7.3 in November. 

Germantown’s rate jumped from 3.4 percent in November to 4.3 percent to finish out the year. The rate in Memphis leapt more than a point to 9.8 percent. 

According to Chris Cannon, assistant administrator for the department’s communication division, “Tennessee employers are searching for employees to keep their businesses moving forward as the state’s economy continues to rebound. There are currently more than 230,000 open positions posted on the state’s workforce development website,”

The department also offers the Tennessee Virtual American Job Center.

The new website located at allows Tennesseans to research different programs, from different state agencies, that can help them remove barriers to employment so they can move back into the workforce.