Unemployment rates down in November


Jobless rates in Collierville and Germantown were among the lowest in the state last month. 

Both municipalities were behind only Franklin’s rate of 3.2 percent, according to new data released Thursday by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. 

Collierville came in at 3.3 percent, or 886 unemployed residents of the 26,915-man labor force. 

Germantown’s rate of 3.4 percent represents 702 residents of a workforce estimated at 20,599. 

The rates in both municipalities were down more than 1 percentage point. 

Each of Tennessee’s 95 counties experienced decreased unemployment in November.

Unemployment rates in 41 counties are now less than 5 percent.

Fifty-four counties recorded rates of 5 percent or higher during the month. 

Williamson County had the lowest unemployment rate.

At 3.3 percent, its November rate dropped by 1.3 percentage points when compared to October.

The new rate is just 1 percentage point higher than it was in November 2019.

At 3.6 percent, Moore County had the state’s second-lowest rate for the month.

The new figure is 1 percentage point lower than its October rate of 4.6 percent.

In contrast, Shelby County’s rate for November was 7.3 percent, down nearly four percent points but still among the highest in the state. 

Bartlett’s rate of 3.8 percent was down nearly 2 percentage points from October. 

At 8.6 percent, Memphis had the highest rate in the state among cities with a population of more than 25,000. 

The national rate was 6.7 percent last month and the rate for Tennessee was 5.3 percent.