Sugar, spice and everything nice


Channon Mickens opened Girls Smell Great four years ago to help her daughter deal with chronic skin problems.
A create-your-own candle and body product bar located inside of Suite 715 at Carriage Crossing, Girls Smell Great sells customized scented candles, body butter, emulsified sugar scrubs, bath salts, bath bombs, lotion and body spray.
Mickens started the business because of her daughter’s asthma.
“The medicine she would take would cause eczema,” Mickens noted. “The medicine to treat eczema was to strong that it would cause other issues with her skin.
“So,” she continued, “I started researching other all-natural ways to help treat her skin condition. Now, she is eczema free.”
Mickens started the business by making lotion and body spray and eventually began creating other body products and candles.
As to how the business got its unique name, Mickens said it can be attributed to her three daughters.
“There was a old saying that little girls smell like sugar, spice and everything nice,” she said.
Girls Smell Great currently has three employees and is the first and only create-your-own candle store within 300 miles of the Memphis area.
“No one in our area allows people to come in and create a custom fragrance for candle and body products,” Mickens noted.
Mickens thought Collierville would make the perfect location for her business.
“I felt that the Collierville mall offers a safe and family friendly environment,” she said. “People have easy access to the mall and we offer no appointment needed for groups of five or fewer people.”
The business also hosts parties for private groups.
“For groups of six or more, we ask that they call to make sure we will have space and adequate staff for a group,” she said. “We like to make sure this group does not coincide with other group sessions. We also host candle making and yoga sessions once month.”
Regarding her line of products, Mickens said she has worked closely with chemists to create products that are “the most moisturizing for your skin.”
“I also wanted all natural products that are safe for all ages and sensitive skins types,” she noted. “We combine the purest ingredients available with creativity and business partnerships to create the most natural and luxurious skin care products possible. Our passion is to improve people’s lives by creating amazing products made from the best raw materials the Earth can sustainably give.”
For more information or to make an appointment, call 901.279.8024 or go to