Police traffic fleet to include motorcycles


The Collierville Police Department will be increasing its traffic fleet over the next two years.
And while the town has traditionally added patrol cars that travel on a quartet of tires, new Police Chief Dale Lane has the department trying something new.
On Monday night, the town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the purchase of four motorcycles over the next two years.
The motorcycle fleet will include four full-time regular assigned traffic officers. Financing for the vehicles will come from the Drug Fund balance.
“The officers will be part of the current traffic unit and their primary focus will be on traffic enforcement just as it is now,” Lane noted, “except that they will be performing their duties on motorcycles.”
The motorcycle unit will conduct crash investigations, traffic enforcement and assist patrols with calls of service.
Lane said his goal is to reduce crashes by 10 percent in the town.
“The expectations are high for this unit,” he noted. “This new form of transportation will allow greater flexibility and capability for the officers.”
The unit will focus on the town’s top five highest traffic crash locations; Poplar at Houston Levee, Houston Levee at Wolf River, Poplar at Market, Byhalia at Poplar, and Houston Levee at Highway 385.
Lane said that motorcycle traffic enforcement has been implemented in neighboring law enforcement agencies like Bartlett, Olive Branch and Southaven.
“I know that this is something different,” he told the board,” but we’re committed.”
Lane added that there will be no additional hazard pay for officers in the unit.
Regarding fuel, Lane does not expect additional costs despite the fact that the motorcycles will require 93 octane gasoline, compared to patrol cars, which use 87 octane.
“The motorcycles get an average of 35 miles per gallon,” he said. “Where the patrol vehicles get 13.”
The motorcycles will be serviced by Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Collierville.