Town sees surge in sales during August


Thanks to a strong surge in August, Collierville home sales through 2020 have nearly caught up with the previous year. 

Sales were up nearly 17 percent last month, with the Memphis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR) recently recording 145 compared to 124 during the same period in 2019. 

To date, sales (780) remain down 4 percent this year. New home sales are also down 18 percent. 

At $400,000, the median sales price for a house in Collierville remains the highest in the county, followed by Lakeland at $377,000 and Germantown at $350,300.

Collierville and Bartlett have seen the highest number of sales among the suburban markets this year, with 780 and 744 sales, respectively. 

The medians sales price in Shelby County is $165,000. 

Through August, sales are up nearly 16 percent in Fayette County and just over 1 percent in Tipton County. 

More new houses have been sold this year in Collierville (91) than Bartlett (11), Germantown (10), Lakeland (45) and Millington (3) combined.MAAR tracks home sales in the Memphis area each month.

As of 2011, the official market reports are pulled around the first of each month for sales recorded in the previous month.