A New Plan: School District offers in-class plan for elementary students


After the recent outcry for an in-class education option the town’s school district has changed its reopening plan to include five-day weekly classroom instruction for elementary students.

A group of Collierville parents and students recently showed up at Collierville High School to protest the school district’s amended “Pathway to Reopening and Recovery” plan. 

The district’s first back-to-school plan was made public on July 15 and included an option for five days on in-class learning.However, a revised plan was released on July 24.

It includes a hybrid attendance model and a “Virtual Academy.”

The option for students to physically attend a classroom every day was eliminated. 

On Aug. 2, the district reintroduced the option for 5-day classroom learning for pre-k through fifth grade. 

Superintendent Gary Lilly wrote:

“Thank you for your continued support and engagement during these very difficult times. Your commitment, voice, and regard for public education are invaluable and appreciated. In response to both your feedback and the most recent directive of the Board of Education, we are proud to present the latest revision to our Pathway to Reopening and Recovery Plan. Due to the increased number of enrollments at the elementary level in the Collierville Virtual Academy, combined with creative uses of available spaces in the schools, we can now accommodate those pre-k through fifth grade students interested in 5-day weekly instruction while maintaining 6-feet of social distancing. We will continue to require facial coverings at all grade levels, per the most recent recommendations, to the extent possible.Your patience and partnership are appreciated and needed as we work together to educate our community’s children while keeping all safe and adhering to the best and most current advice offered by our local medical professionals. Whether in-person or virtual, we look forward to welcoming students back on Monday, Aug. 17.

There are still option for students to attend the “Virtual Academy” or participate in the hybrid attendance model. 

The hybrid model will offer a “two-day rotation blended learning.” 

Students will rotate and receive in-person classroom instruction twice a week and remote learning three days a week.

Fridays will be remote learning days for all students with the exception of pre-kindergarten and resource children. 

The Virtual Academy will offer “an entire digital learning option from the comfort of home.” 

• Traditional Instruction, 5-Days Weekly:
All Pre-K will attend 5-days weekly
Students in grades (K-5) will have the option of traditional, live instruction 5-days weekly in the classroom at the student’s enrolled school

Students will be socially distanced 6-feet apart and will be required to wear a facial covering at all times

Students will have ‘facial covering break times’ scheduled throughout the day so that teacher/student can remove his or her facial covering, while maintaining social distancing guidelines

Minimal transitions (limited movement) will take place at school:Breakfast and lunch will be eaten in the classroom

Art and Music will be delivered in the students’ classrooms

Physical Education will be conducted in the gym or outdoors, following social distancing guidelines

Arrival and dismissal may take longer than normal due to staggered classroom entry and release times.

We ask for your patience while our school administration develops effective and efficient processes that maintain 6-feet of social distancing when feasible.

Outdoor recess will be provided to students daily, weather permitting School Reopening and Recovery Updates – Start Date, Aug. 17

As a result of continued engagement, community collaboration, and shared leadership strategy, Collierville Schools has evolved its reopening and recovery plan for school year 2020/2021.