Town encourages pet lovers to adopt


Town of Collierville When living in a time of high stress as we’ve been doing in recent months, we sometimes find that getting back to basics helps to soothe the soul.

Is having a pet a “basic” for you? It is for many people.

Adopting an animal is recommended by health experts as a way to fight loneliness and depression, and to give a purpose to life.

Every situation has its own characteristics, and one of a pandemic’s traits is that we are required to stay cut off from other people to some degree.

Animals can be a huge comfort in a time such as this.

Here are the ways that owning a pet is good for the soul: Physical touch: Petting a dog or cat (or some say a snake or lizard!) has a calming effect on the body and mind.

Company: If you are divorced, widowed or any other form of alone, an animal is a living thing to come home to.

Structure: Having someone or thing to take care of can give purpose to life and invigorate a life that’s become routine.

Icebreaker: People with pets bond with other people with pets. It doesn’t matter where you meet – the grocery store, at work, the doctor’s office or in line for a ride at Disneyworld, animal lovers always seem to find each other.

There are some things you need to consider before you adopt a pet. You need to consider time; most indoor dogs and cats can live 15 years or more and will need food, water and veterinary care during that time.

Maybe more importantly is that they need you and your attention.The Collierville Animal Shelter (CAS)’s stated goal is to attract responsible pet owners and to help them provide permanent, loving homes.

Before you adopt a pet from the CAS, you must complete an application to bring with you to the shelter, and you must allow ample time for the whole family to visit and get to know your potential pet.

For more information about CAS’s adoption policies, go to They are currently doing adoptions by appointment only.

The shelter is located at 603 East South Street, and their phone number is (901) 457-2670.

Most longtime pet owners will tell you that the unconditional love you receive by becoming a pet parent is precious and as valuable as any dollar amount.

What would the last 20 years have been like without Buster or Angel? Probably not near as much fun.