Collierville urges safe disposal of hazardous waste in light of recent death of Memphis sanitation employee


Last week, a Memphis Sanitation Department employee lost his life because of a hazardous chemical that someone disposed of in their household.

Because of this the town of Collierville is urging residents to properly dispose of hazardous waste.

Muriatic acid is a chemical commonly used in pool maintenance. But it is not meant to be disposed of in regular garbage. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), when muriatic acid fumes are inhaled, they can result in extreme upper respiratory tract irritation, which could then lead to asphyxia and death.

The Collierville Public Works Department asks that you follow disposal instructions on any household, pool or lawn cleaning or maintenance products. There are usually instructions on the product container, but some people don’t take the time to read them or assume that “just this once” it won’t matter. It does matter. In order to protect sanitation workers and anyone one else (including family members) who may put something in the garbage, please dispose of household hazardous waste in the proper way!

Proper disposal of hazardous household products or waste is to take them to the Memphis and Shelby County Household Hazardous Waste (HWW) Facility at 6305 Haley Road. Currently, HWW is closed temporarily due to the coronavirus situation, but staff at the facility asks that residents hold their household hazardous waste until the facility is open again. Do not dispose of it in your household garbage. You could save a life.

For more information regarding the disposal of household hazardous waste, call the local recycle hotline number at 901.222.7729 or visit