Houston’s Horizons Club hosts Field Day | Collierville Independent


With summer vacation just on the horizon, Houston’s Horizons Club decided to incorporate some summer fun of their own with their annual field day.

Horizons is a club that connects students apart of the special needs department with other kids at Houston.

Throughout the year, the group participates in an array of fun bonding activities, from game-show style get-to-know-you questionnaires to painting Memphis rocks.

They also organize a service project benefitting LeBonheur Care Cart.

All of these activities then culminate in a field day.

Students were organized into 12 teams, each having 2-3 special needs students, and went head-to-head in a variety of games and challenges.

They played tug-of-war, had a water balloon toss, ran a three-legged race, and more and then ended the day with a popsicle party.

“We had such a fun day with everyone hanging out together and being so friendly,” said Horizons president Katie Young.

In the end, the Tie-Dye team took home the gold, but all left feeling like they had won with the amount of fun they had.