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Three members of the Collierville Fire Department recently graduated from the Memphis Fire Services Paramedic Education Program.

Randy Shive, Tony Allred and Jason Howell are now Class 5 paramedics. The trio of Collierville firefighters entered the Paramedic Program voluntarily and paid all of the tuition themselves.

“Completing the Paramedic Program is a very challenging task,” said Collierville Assistant Chief Tommy Kelley. “Many long hours are spent away from home and family. The hard work and dedication shown is another example of the commitment to quality service that the men and women of the Collierville Fire Department want to provide for the citizens of our community.”

In January 2012, they were required to complete an Anatomy and Physiology class as a pre-requisite before beginning the actual program. Classes began last May and participants were required to attend class, while off-duty, two days a week for eight hours a day.

In addition to months spent in the classroom, the firefighters were required to perform the following clinical exercises: 120 hours working in area emergency rooms, including two 12-hour rotations at LeBonheur, three 8-hour rotations in the Trauma Center at The Med, 8 hours at Lakeside, and 380 hours riding on Memphis Fire Department ambulances.

Upon graduation, all participants are required by the state to pass the National Registry Examination and a Practical Skills Examination to become a licensed paramedic. paramedics

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