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Shelby County municipalities will remain in phase 2

Under the guidance of the Shelby County Health Department, all municipalities within the county, including Collierville, will remain in Phase II of the Back to Business Plan.

At this time, the Health Department has not established a date for Phase III, as the move will depend on favorable COVID-19 data.

The recommendation comes from Health Department officials’ continued analysis of data since the move to Phase II on May 19.

As daily reports indicate, Shelby County has seen a continued increase in daily case numbers, as well as an increase in hospitalizations.

The Health Department is seeing evidence of community-wide spread, as well as a reproduction rate of the virus that is not decreasing. In addition, the County did not meet the gating criteria necessary to move forward to Phase III.

“We must be diligent about slowing the spread of COVID-19 to continue re-opening our community, but more importantly, to continue protecting our community,” said Mayor Stan Joyner.

Officials from the Shelby County Health Department are emphasizing that residents adhere to social distancing measures and wear facial coverings when in public. The Town of Collierville is committed to making data driven decisions in order to help keep the community safe from this life-threatening virus.

To continue to move forward with reopening, we must all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, workplaces and homes. We ask each of you to continue:
Practicing social distancing – keeping at least six feet away from others

Wearing a mask or facial covering while in public, at work, or around persons from outside of your household

Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds

Getting tested – we have significant testing capacity in Shelby County, but it is being under utilized

Isolating and quarantining – isolating when positive for COVID-19 and quarantining after exposure to COVID-19

Protecting our most vulnerable populations:
Nursing/care home residents

Individuals who live in congregate settings such as jails or prisons
Individuals with chronic health conditions

We all must take the individual actions necessary to control the spread of the virus in order to move our community forward in reopening our society and businesses.

For more information about COVID-19 and community testing, please call the Shelby County Health Department’s COVID-19 hotline (833-943-1658) or visit the Health Department’s COVID-19 webpage: shelbytnhealth.com/coronavirus.

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