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Brooke Mundy is the Director of the Morton Museum of Collierville History. Though Mundy earned her two Art History degrees from The University of Memphis, she is originally from Florida.

Last year, Mundy was able to connect her work with her home state in a special project.

Mundy participated in the Great American Teach- In (GATI) last year via video camera. GATI is a program based out of Central Florida, and brings people from all professions and walks of life into the area’s classrooms. These people are all teachers for a day and give elementary school students a personal perspective of their jobs, hobbies, and other interests that the students wouldn’t be able to get from a book.

Mundy’s contribution is to give a video tour of the Morton Museum of Collierville History, covering the details of what she does as a museum director.

Mundy said she did the video tour for a 3rd grade class in Tampa last year and will do it for a fourth grade class in the same city this year.

“The kids last year had great questions and were very engaged,” said Mundy. “It was fun to see their reactions when we talked about something that they have already learned, and see them make that connection with that information to a place they’ve never been before. It reinforces that the world is much bigger and full of possibilities.”

The Great American Teach-In is an annual event coordinated by the Polk County Public Schools Department of Public Relations to celebrate American Education Week.

The Morton Museum of Collierville History is housed in the white stucco church at the corner of West Poplar and Main Street in Collierville’s Historic District.

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