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One of Collierville’s finest was retired last week with little pomp and circumstance. Instead of a retirement watch or even a cake for his years of service, this town employee will likely receive something more along the lines of a chew toy or dog biscuit.

The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen agreed to transfer ownership of Leno to Police Officer Matt Bialy, who has worked closely with shepherd for nearly a decade.

Leno was purchased by the Collierville Police Department nine years ago for the K-9 Unit. Bialy has been with the sheperd the entire time.

“Officer Bialy and Leno have served the citizens of this community, displaying the foundation and core philosophies of our community policing strategies,” said Chief David Tillner.

Recently, a veterinarian who treats the department’s dogs suggested that it was time for Leno to retire from police work.

Dr. Bart Madison with the Pet Hospitals stated that Leno had muscle atrophy in his spine and hind legs.

“Obviously Officer Bialy has developed a close bond with Leno,” Tillner said, “as he has taken care of him the entire time.”

Tillner said that Bialy “expressed his extreme desire to continue this bond and care.”

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