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  • Fire department’s rapid response time results in savings for Collierville residents | Collierville Independent

Fire department’s rapid response time results in savings for Collierville residents | Collierville Independent

Try looking around your office or home and guess how much everything is worth. Take into account every square foot, chair, potted plant, framed artwork, etc. Do you think your co-worker or spouse would estimate the same amount?

In 2013, the Collierville Fire Department spent 1,160 hours responding to emergency calls in Collierville.

This includes all emergencies ranging from paramedic needs to fire fighting. Fire departments across the nation use an estimated value system to determine how much property was lost during a fire, and in turn how much property was saved from their efforts. The potential property loss in Collierville for 2013 was estimated at over $14 million.

However, the actual property loss was only $703,931 which equates to a 95.05-percent save rate. This significant number in savings is a result of the Collierville Fire Department’s excellent response time and damage control. Renee Langley, Collierville’s fire records administrator, has developed a formula to better equate these numbers.

“Years ago, and currently in many other fire departments in the state, firefighters estimated both the value and damages to buildings or vehicles” said Langley. “Chances are you will have a lot of different opinions.”

A few years ago, she began using the Shelby County Assessor’s website to develop an equation for buildings calculating the square footage with the assessed taxed value, also taking into account property inside the building and the NADA Guide for vehicle values.

“Taking the time to research property and vehicle values gives us much better consistency and accuracy,” she said. Not only does this research show a large amount of money saved, but highlights the commitment of our firefighters. With an average response time of 4:58 minutes, the CFD takes control of situations fast and efficiently. The department also provides emergency medical services through advanced life support technology.

sealAll firefighters are licensed as Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians. “Collierville residents are very fortunate,” commented Fire Chief Jerry Crawford. “We have firehouses strategically located with state of the art lifesaving equipment and Firefighters trained in Emergency Response and Fire Suppression Techniques ready to respond in a moment’s notice.”

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