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Electronic recycling event scheduled in Collierville

The Collierville Environmental Commission (CEC) is hosting an Electronics Recycling and Household Donations drive Saturday, April 17 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. at West Collierville Middle School.

Through our partnership with Omega Recycling Solutions and Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Recycle Saturday is an opportunity for everyone to bring by electronics and household items you no longer need to be recycled or reused.

Gift bags are available for the first 40 participants!

Acceptable Electronics:
• Desktop and laptop computers
• Computer components
• Gaming systems
• Fax machines
• Cables and chords
• Keyboards and mice
• Camcorders
• Hard drives
• UPS and batteries
• Hubs
• Speakers
• LCD monitors
• Printers
• Modems
• Cameras
• Pagers
• VCR and DVD players
• Routers
• Cell Phones and chargers
• CD players
• Scanners
• Docking stations
• iPads
• Stereos and radios


Acceptable Household Donations (tax deductible!):
• Working appliances
• Doors
• Windows
• Furniture
• Flooring
• Kitchen cabinets
• Vanities
• Countertops
• Lighting and electrical
• Plumbing (newer than 2015)
• Books
• Musical instruments
• Lawn and garden equipment
• Home goods (decor)CANNOT ACCEPT:
x Matresses
x Clothing
x Exercise equipment
x Medical equipment
x Toys
x Shower doors
x Unframed glass
x Paint
x Chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides

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