Snow makes for winter wonderland causing hazardous driving conditions

Collierville Public Services crews began changing tires and preparing for snowy conditions over the weekend. The town has three salt trucks running, two equipped with snowplows. Collierville Public Services worked hard to clear the roads but encouraged everyone to stay at home. Most of the roadways were covered heavily in snow and the town received several calls regarding vehicles that were stuck.

By Pamela Mirabella

West Tennessee rivals skiing resorts with more than a foot of snow across Collierville and Shelby County from a winter storm that blanketed the area beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

While children everywhere rejoiced, travelers and essential employees grimaced having to navigate their way with no clearly marred roadways. Several cars were left stranded as the snow piled up over the last few days.

Monday’s weather caused the biggest challenge with as much as 20 inches of snow falling covering an already iced-over area. 

Another round of freezing rain and snow hit on Wednesday into Thursday adding additional work for an already overworked road crew. 

With temperatures dipping down into single digits, the area won’t start thawing until well into the weekend.