Mobile terminals, extra portable radios sought by CPD to help maintain services during pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for the Collierville Police Department to communicate and prepare for emergency events differently.

The town’s police department has requested the purchase of 13 mobile data terminals to help improve current daily procedures and 10 portable radios should a significant portion of the police force become infected.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will discuss the purchases, which are estimated to cost around $127,000, at its regularly scheduled meeting next Monday night.

“Due to the nature of the job,” said Police Chief Dale Lane, “officers are not allowed to work from home, but must still socially distance and communicate information throughout their shifts.”

The town currently has 25 mobile data terminals that officers can use in the field to receive dispatch information, enter incident reports and conduct background checks.

Lane said that these devices have been beneficial by “allowing officers to stay on the street patrolling instead of meeting with supervisors to hand off necessary paperwork.”

The town currently has 44 patrol vehicles and Lane said that the department “has seen issues with officers working in the field without mobile data terminals.”

“If the department could have a terminal for each patrol unit,” he said, “this would allow supervisors to conduct virtual roll calls, meetings and provide additional redundancy for receiving dispatch calls, which will aid in social distancing.”

Lane said that 10 extra portable radios would be beneficial to “have on hand should law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions be needed to support CPD in the event of a large-scale outbreak making the majority of the department unable to work due to COVID-19.”

“The radios will expand our ability to utilize volunteers for other major incidents, such as natural or man-made,” he said.