Town will ‘shine a light’ to celebrate 150 years


Collierville has announced plans to host a Shine a Light celebration for the town’s 150th anniversary in 2020. 

A recent statement from the town states, “The town will be available to provide guidance, graphics, merchandise recommendations and general support throughout the year. Let’s work together to Shine a Light on all things Collierville in 2020.”

Collierville’s 150th anniversary will be celebrated on Feb. 17 on the Historic Town Square. The rain location is the Morton Museum, with the time yet to be determined. 

In conjunction, the Collierville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a ticketed event for its members and businesses on Feb. 20 at Ridgeway Country Club.

The town has also launched, a website dedicated to informing residents of Collierville’s rich history and upcoming events to “Shine a Light” on the town. Collierville was first incorporated in 1850.

After losing its charter, the town was reincorporated on Feb. 17, 1870. In 2020, Collierville will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of its 1870 incorporation.

The first train rolled through Collierville in 1852 and sparked the beginning of development, commerce, and trade in the small community.

Its train station and depot was a beacon of light for those traveling through Shelby County. Today, Collierville’s light still shines.