Town works to prevent ‘cluster’ mailboxes


The United States Postal Service is attempting to centralize mail delivery and collection in all new subdivisions and Collierville isn’t interested in cooperating.

Board members unanimously supported a resolution last month that opposes the new rule, which calls for the Postal Service to stop mail delivery services to single family houses in new subdivisions.

The plan involves the creation of “clusters” of mailboxes similar to those used in apartment complexes. The centralized mail kiosks would be built in new subdivisions in lieu of individual mailboxes.

“Collierville is predominately a single-family home community,” said Town Administrator James Lewellen. “The majority of homes here are built on individual lots. No matter the size of the lot, a common feature has always been mail delivery to home.”

The Postal Service’s newest plan is an effort to reduce costs by centralizing mail collection.

“The maintenance and upkeep of these centralized collection points will likely require a homeowner association to collect funds for maintenance and repair,” Lewellen noted. “The collection location will likely require off-street parking, which will create another maintenance burden.

“The feedback received thus far from homeowners, as well as home building associations, has been overwhelmingly in support of keeping individual home delivery,” he added.

Collierville and the Shelby County Area West Tennessee Home Builders Association have taken a leadership role to get the policy overturned.

The town’s resolution will be delivered to the United States Postal Service and local congressmen and senators.

“The town does not desire to burden property owners, homeowner associations, builders and/or developers with the cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing the kiosk or the cluster box system,” state the ordinance, which was adopted on Dec. 9.