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School is all about learning new things. And what atmosphere can promote this better than a new school?

The answer— a new school that makes the best use of design and modern technology to promote the learning atmosphere. That is why folks in the Collierville area are so proud of the new home for the Collierville Middle School.

The new 114,855-square-foot facility, located at 585 Quinn Road, was designed by Renaissance Group and built by Webb Construction. The facility sits on a 15-acre site and is structured to serve approximately 1,000 students in grades 6-8.

The school features 40 classrooms, including four classrooms equipped for students with special needs, a science lab and two computer labs. “The new school also uses design elements to enhance the flow of busy students while isolating the noisier activities of school life,” said Barry Allmon, project architect at Renaissance Group.

With the new school and a tradition of providing an enriching, supportive environment, the Dragons of Collierville Middle School will be well prepared for a bright future.