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  • Town ranked fourth ‘best place to live’ in state | Collierville Independent

Town ranked fourth ‘best place to live’ in state | Collierville Independent

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Town ranked fourth

Collierville recently added another jewel to its crown by being ranked the fourth “Best Place to Live in Tennessee.”

The town was selected earlier this week by HomeSnacks, a website that combines recent data from the Census, FBI, Open Street Maps and dozens of other sources.

“To the untrained eye they are the places that have awesome economies. They’re the places in Volunteer State where people have the best jobs, residents are all above average, and the sun shines the most,” wrote Chris Kolmar or HomeSnacks. “However, we don’t trust the untrained eye and instead look to data to understand the best places to call home in Tennessee.”

The group analyzed 91 cities, 175 towns, and 136 small towns.

Collierville’s crime rate is the 15th lowest in the state and the median home costs $278,600 and households make $110,591, which is good for second in Tennessee.

Brentwood came in at No. 2. Locally, Germantown was ranked No. 1 and Bartlett was ranked ninth.

Germantown’s unemployment rates are some of the lowest in the state and the median income is the fifth highest, making Germantown a “great place to work and settle down if you’re look for a stable job with a stable income.”

Additionally, Germantown has “above average education and low crime.”

Memphis was ranked the 13th “worst” place to live in the state.

This is the second consecutive year that Germantown ranked as the “best” place to live and Collierville came in fourth.

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