September 30, 2022

Town looks to update animal codes | Collierville Independent

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Collierville officials are attempting to update the town’s codes on matters dealing with domestic animals, including how long the town is required to hold stray dogs and cats and punishing pet owners who do not remove their animal’s waste from private and public property.

On Monday night’s consent agenda, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved an ordinance on first reading to amend the town’s codes on domestic animal issues.

Regarding the impoundment, redemption and disposal of dogs and cats, the ordinance changes the number of business days that the town will hold unlicensed and unidentifiable animals from five days to three.

“This change will help us with overcrowding, cut operational costs for care and feeding and provide a quicker turn around for adoption or rescue,” wrote Chip Petersen, director of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.

The ordinance will also make it unlawful for any owner or handler to allow their animal to defecate on private or public property unless the owner immediately removes the waste.

It will also be illegal for pet owners to allow their dogs to “run lose” in any park or public property that is not designated an “off leash area.”

Petersen said the intent of the amendments is to make the town’s ordinances “consistent with all of our surrounding communities and state law.”

Petersen said Animal Services Director Nina Wingfield has done “a lot of research” in order to help improve the town’s ordinances.

Other Actions

n The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved three contracts and purchase orders totaling $90,275 for construction work at the Historic High School.

The work includes interior painting, electrical upgrades and carpet installation. A02JAA

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