Quick Thinking and Teamwork Save the Day

Collierville Fire & Rescue

On Thursday, at around 3:35 the Town of Collierville’s Public Services Sanitation Manager Billy Wilson noticed something that didn’t seem right. Billy noticed a heavy black column of smoke near his location. 

A quick investigation led Billy to discover a lawnmower on fire in a residents backyard that had spread to the fence and was dangerously close to spreading to both homes.

Billy alerted both homeowners to make sure they were safe and called 9-1-1. 

E-83 and E-81 from B-Shift arrived on scene and went to work quickly putting a stop to the fire before it caused major damage to the interior of either residence.

Both homes sustained damage to the exteriors, their fences, as well as a total loss of the lawnmower. Thermal imaging cameras were used inside the homes to check for fire extension within the walls.

There were no injuries to the residents of either home or firefighters. 

Both homeowners expressed their immense gratitude to Mr. Wilson for alerting them to the fire.

We have some amazing people at the Town of Collierville and we are very thankful for people like Mr. Wilson for recognizing a problem and stepping up to help our citizens.

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