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Mayor Goldsworthy will not seek re-election | Collierville Independent

Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy announced Monday she would not seek re-election in November 2014. First elected a city alderman in 1992, Goldsworthy was elected mayor in 1994 and for successive four-year terms in 1998, 2002, 2004 and 2010.

“There comes a time in every good endeavor to pass the torch,” Goldsworthy said, “and I believe that time has come, for me and for the City of Germantown.

“It has been an incredible pleasure and privilege to serve as mayor. I can’t think of any job or work that could possibly have brought me such personal satisfaction and affirmation as I’ve experienced being part of the elected and professional team responsible for making our city a good place to live,” she said. “I am so very grateful for the friendships formed and for the trust and support given me these many years.”

“Many mayors tend to think we’ve got the best of all positions in elective office. Unlike state representatives and congressmen, governors and even the president who must leave their own communities in order to govern, mayors everyday get to see the results of their leadership, their successes as well as their shortcomings. It is a constant motivation and inspiration to serve well.”

The mayor characterized Germantown’s progress over the past two decades as “transformation from the development mode of a bedroom suburb to the sustainability pathway of a full-service urban municipality.”

“Every accomplishment, milestone and advancement in Germantown emerged from a team effort,” she said. “A highly competent staff committed to “Excellence. Every day.”, aldermen likewise working together for community good, and engaged citizens have made it possible for us to become the city we are today.

“I believe Germantown is at a very good place in its history. I have confidence in the energy, enthusiasm, experience and expertise of the aldermen, administration, employees and citizens who share core values and clear vision for Germantown’s future.”

Goldsworthy noted that she still has more than 10 months of responsibility as mayor. “Cities are dynamic and always a work in progress; there’s never a time when everything is complete. We’ve a budget to put together for fiscal year 2015, continuing support to formation of our municipal school district, and much more.”

She and her husband, Jim, intend to remain in Germantown.

“I’m looking forward to the flexibility of time in retirement,” she said. “We’ll spend more time visiting with family—especially with our daughter, Shannon, and her family in Nevada and my brothers and their families in Kansas—and with friends. I’ve long enjoyed being a part of civic and community activities; retirement enables more time for that, as well as personal interests.”

Mayor Goldsworthy’s biography is accessible online at germantown-tn.gov

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