Local author pens sequel to political thriller

The “political-action thriller” genre of books is often rife with amazing technological gadgets and stunning scenarios.
However, local author Christopher Myers tends to target the human psyche in his works of fiction.
“I really focus more on the characters,” he noted. “I’m interested in the challenges and the vulnerability of the protagonist.”
Myers, a marketing consultant and longtime professor of marketing at the University of Memphis, recently released his third book, St. Christopher, an independently published follow-up to In Just Ten Days.
The Collierville author, who has also published a book entitled Taylor’s Way: A Father’s Very Special Relationship with His Son, which is about his journey with an autistic son, said his latest work follows Dr. Joshua Peterson in a quest to solve a series of water calamities around the globe.
Peterson begins receiving cryptic messages warning him of the next catastrophe and travels the world seeking a solution. The 328-page book climaxes with twists and turns.
Instead of getting hung up on much of the technological tools examined in other books of the genre, Myers said he is more interested in the dynamic of good versus evil.
“I want to showcase how these characters are like us,” he said. “There are twists and turns in the book but I am ultimately interested in the characters.”
A fan of works by Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, Myers said he prefers to write during quiet periods of the evening and morning. He is also mindful of his peer group while writing.
“I read a lot,” he noted, “and most of our friends love books. I really enjoy doing this. I’m no John Grisham, but I enjoy writing for friends.”
A recent review on Amazon describes Myers’ most recent book.
“St. Christopher is an electric, political thriller set in Washington, D.C., with stops in London, Sydney, Paris and other parts of the world. It is the second in the series with Dr. Joshua Peterson, Professor of international studies at The George Washington University.
It continues, “Peterson returns to battle a new foe, Dr. Charlotte Sings, esteemed microbiologist from Australia and new CEO of Global, Inc, who is determined to make Peterson and the world pay for their transgressions. Peterson receives a series of mysterious and cryptic text messages from the WATER team, but has no idea who they are, what they want and when he tries to respond, the messages suddenly disappear, causing more anxiety, frustration and stress.
“Tens of thousands of persons are murdered in a bizarre set of water explosions around the globe, so Peterson, his good friend Brett Donaldson and others must race against time to find out who is causing these explosions and what the WATER team ultimately has to do with them to avoid more tragic events.
“There are many twists and turns in St. Christopher,” the review continues, “leading to a final reveal and showdown at the end.”
Myers plans to release his third installment of the series, titled The Fall of Icarus, in 2020 or 2021. St. Christopher, as well as Myers’ other two books, can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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