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Injured officers given Purple Heart awards, state proclamation

Two Collierville police officers were given the Purple Heart award Monday night by the town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen for injuries they sustained in the line of duty. 

On Jan. 26, Collierville Officer Jacqueline Conlan stopped a vehicle on Houston Levee near Highway 385 for a traffic violation.

Officer Rachel Tigner and Officer Mario Marino arrived shortly after the stop to assist.

The driver was being detained for an additional charge when he attempted to flee in his vehicle.

Officers Conlan and Tigner were involved in a physical confrontation with the driver as he attempted to drive away.

Conlan and Tigner were dragged approximately 300 yards at excessive speeds until the vehicle crashed on Houston Levee and Shelby Drive.

Both Conlan and Tigner received serious, life altering injuries requiring hospital stays and extensive rehabilitation.

One of the most recognized and respected awards that can be awarded, the Purple Heart award, was presented on Monday to Conlan and Tigner for the extensive injuries they received while on duty.

In cooperation with Rep. Kevin Vaughn’s office, both officers also received a State of Tennessee proclamation for their actions.

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