Election signs allowed in Collierville

Are political signs allowed?
Yes, and please note that political signs are exempt from sign permits.

Candidate/campaign ground mounted signs must meet certain basic rules:

The number of signs is limited to 1 per campaign or candidate per lot per street frontage for developed or vacant property.
Ground mounted political signs should be securely affixed to the ground or to an approved supporting structure.
Signs attached to a tent, or any other structure affixed to the ground, are considered a ground mounted sign.
They cannot be larger than 6 square feet per side (double face signs are allowed).
Signs can be no more than 5 feet tall unless attached to another structure such as a tent.
Political signs cannot be within the public “right-of-way” for a road or within a pedestrian easement. For the purpose of regulating
temporary political signs, they should be placed behind the sidewalk or ten feet back from the curb.
No sign shall be placed within the election rules boundary.
Candidates must have permission from property owners before placing a sign on the property.
Does the Town regulate signs within buildings?
Yes, but only to a point. Signs inside of a building and set back more than 10 feet from a window are exempt from the sign ordinance. If closer than 10 feet to the window, a political sign inside of a building is regulated the same as any temporary window sign. Signs shall not cover more than 15 percent of the aggregate window and door area. LED, or similar technology, electronic message center window signs are prohibited.

Can we use handheld signs?
Yes, but please consider safety. A handheld sign is any sign that is held by or otherwise mounted on a person (i.e., sandwich board). Clothing and hats are not
considered signs. A handheld sign is not included in the maximum number of allowed signs but must be held by a person. A handheld sign that is placed on the
ground or propped against something becomes a ground mounted sign and is counted toward the maximum limit of 1 per candidate/campaign. Because handheld signs displayed within the public right-of-way can distract motorists or place sign holders too close to moving cars, candidates/campaigns are asked to adhere to
Collierville’s prohibition of handheld signs displayed within the public right-of-way. The right-of-way is considered to extend a minimum of 10 feet from the
edge of the pavement of the road, or to the dedicated right-of-way boundary, whichever is farther. In short, please hold signs at least 10 feet behind a curb of the road for safety.

Can we have signs on parked vehicles or trailers?
Yes, with limitations. Political signs placed on or affixed to parked vehicles (including “wraps” and magnetic signs but excluding bumper stickers) or trailers, and are visible from the street, are allowed but the maximum size for political signs affixed to parked vehicles or trailers is 32 square feet and the maximum height is 4 feet above the bed of the truck or trailer. On non-residential property, parked vehicles with signs may remain no more than 2 consecutive hours or no more than 4
total hours between sunrise and sunset if visible from the public right-of-way. Parked vehicle political signs that are in a residential driveway are exempt from any time limitations. A vehicle “wrap” size measures the sign area, not the entire vehicle.

Do the same rules apply for early voting?
Yes, all political sign regulations apply to early voting.

How long can signs remain after the election?
Obsolete or clearly abandoned signs are considered a nuisance and the Town may remove them. Please make plans to removal all signs promptly after the election to keep our Town beautiful.

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