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County Commission votes against large development south of town

The Quinn Ridge development, which was planned just south of Collierville, has been deterred by the Shelby County Commission.

Commissioners voted 9-4 against the 177-acre development on Monday night with Mayor Stan Joyner and Town Administrator James Lewellen in attendance. 

Vice Mayor Maureen Fraser, who presided over Monday night’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, received a text during the meeting and announced to the Board that the development was denied before the meeting was adjourned. 

The development was to include nearly 550 single-family homes. Collierville officials made it clear that the town could not provide emergency services to the large development.

The county would likely then have to build a fire station to accommodate the gated community, which would be costly. 

Collierville officials began seeking legal assistance in 2018 to defend the town from the proposed development between Quinn and Quad County roads.

“The development calls for a high density concentration of more than 500 lots, far more than what Collierville’s land use plan calls for,” town staff said in September 2018. 

Since the development is outside Collierville’s service area, the developer plans to pipe water in from Mississippi to serve the 500 plus homes.

On Aug. 28, 2018, the Board passed a resolution authorizing the town attorney, and the Law Firm of Cannon, Adams, Allen and Reese to enter into litigation against Shelby County Government and Marshall County Utilities challenging the development of Quinn Ridge Planned Unit Development.

“The development plan is substantially different than the town’s Comprehensive Plan and the Land Use Plan and is incompatible with the surrounding area,” staff stated.

“In addition to the problems with incompatibility, the development relies on water and sewer from Marshall County, Miss.”Other concerns cited by the Collierville Board were the increased traffic that so many homes would generate on two-lane Quinn Road.

The Collierville Schools system also does not have plans to accommodate students from a development that is not part of a long range coordinated plan and fire, police and other essential services are not available to the area.

Residents from the Quinn Road community were largely supportive of the town’s actions and many of them.The residents also hired a legal counsel to represent them.

“This was an important case, one that tested the integrity and value of Collierville’s Land Use Plan. It was critically important that we do everything in our power to defend the investments of Collierville citizens in terms of their property values,” Joyner said when the matter arose in 2018.

“Our goal is not to stop or impede this development. Our preference is that the developers would work with and through the Town of Collierville to create a development that will work in synergy with our Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan.” 

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