Condos planned on Mt. Pleasant Road

A series of condominiums is being planned near downtown Collierville.

The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted on third and final reading last week to rezone 1.43 acres on the east side of Mt. Pleasant Road, north of the Norfolk Southern Railroad, from “general industrial” to “traditional neighborhood.”

The property consists of four parcels, each containing a single-family residence, that will be combined into one lot.

The property is not within the local historic overlay but is within the limits of the Downtown Collierville Small Area Plan study area.

The Planning Commission recommended approval last November for the Mt. Pleasant Condominiums.

The project includes the development of three-story, multiple family, attached residential condominium buildings. Two, three-story buildings will each contain nine dwellings for a total of 18. Six more are planned in a second phase.

Applicant Marquis Companies provided conceptual drawings to demonstrate the design intent for the first phase with the buildings shown facing onto a central usable open space.

The property is designated as mixed-use character area, creates the “critical mass” of residents necessary to maintain a vital Downtown Core and helping to address the New Rooftops Initiative.

There is already existing infrastructure, like storm drainage and public utilities.

“The proposed land use will be consistent with the recent residential improvements on Washington Street and should provide a suitable transition to downtown Collierville.”

Because Mt. Pleasant Road is currently a two-lane undivided minor road with minimal traffic it will remain a two-lane road from Poplar Ave. to South Street.

Staff reports state that “mproving Mt. Pleasant to four lanes is only required on the south side of South Street.”

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