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Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission for the Town of Collierville will meet on Thursday, May 7, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. for its regular meeting in the Board Chambers at Town Hall, 500 Poplar View Parkway. At that time, consideration will be given to the following:

1. Call to order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call

4. Approval of Minutes: April 7, 2015

5. Approval of Agenda Additions/deletions

6. Approval of Consent Agenda:

7. Formal Agenda:

A. PC15-04 –Resolution 2015-19 – Request approval of an Outline Plan Amendment of the Byhalia Commons Planned Development comprised of 104.30 acres located on the southwest corner of Bill Morris Parkway and Byhalia Road.

Applicant: Dalhoff Thomas Design Studio (Bob Dalhoff)

Property Owner: Chuck Hutton Leasing Company (Tom Hutton)

Project Planner: Nancy J. Boatwright, AICP

B. PC14-30 – Glenn Farms Subdivision – Request approval of a Preliminary Subdivision Plat for 7 industrial lots on 36.85 acres located south of East Shelby Drive and bisected by the proposed extension of Progress Road.

Applicant/Property Owner: Curtis Wegener

Project Planner: Jaime W. Groce, AICP

C. PC15-01 – Glenn Farms Subdivision, Lots 2 and 3 – Request approval of a Preliminary Site Plan for two multi-tenant flex buildings totaling 99,528 combined square feet on 10.28 combined acres located on East Shelby drive just west of the proposed extension of Progress Road.

Applicant/Property Owner: Curtis Wegener

Project Planner: Jaime W. Groce, AICP

D. PC15-10 – Collierville Auto Center – Request approval of an amendment to the 2013 Conditional Use Permit for an auto dealership located on 0.76 acres at 651 W. Poplar Avenue to include the 2.34 acre property located at 615 W. Poplar Avenue and to also allow an automobile repair/garage use at 615 W. Poplar Avenue.

Applicant: Joe Underwood, Mike Hamby (Collierville Auto)

Design Professional: Jeff Blackledge

Property Owner: Trezevant Enterprises (Trip Trezevant)

Town of Collierville Project Planner: Scott Henninger, RLA

E. Ordinance 2015-07 – An ordinance to amend Title XV, Chapter 151, of the Town of Collierville Code of Ordinances by amending §151.003 Definitions; amending §151.006 General Provisions; amending §151.025 Accessory Uses Permitted In Each Zoning District; and, establishing §151.313 Special Exception, for the purpose of consolidating and updating the Town’s regulations pertaining to fencing and home occupations and to establish a Special Exception process.

Applicant/Property Owner: Town of Collierville and Collierville Chamber of Commerce

Project Planners: Jaime W. Groce, AICP and Sean Isham, AICP

8. Other Business:

A. Overview of active development applications (as of the end of April 2015) using the interactive Development Activity map in the Town’s Map Gallery. The more detailed report (spreadsheet) of active development applications is available online.

B. Update on Status of Amendments to the “Tree Policy”

C. Announcements

9. Adjournment

Shari Michael

Administrative Specialist, Sr.

• Town of Collierville


The Town of Collierville Purchasing Division is requesting sealed bids on the following items:

BID # TC2015-17 “Life & Long Term Disability Insurance”

Complete bid packages are available from the Purchasing Division, 500 Poplar View Parkway, Collierville, TN 38017, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Interested parties may visit the Purchasing Division’s Bid and RFP webpage at for further solicitation information and to obtain the project’s official bid/RFP distribution form by clicking on the bid/RFP/RFSOQ number. The completed distribution form should be returned by facsimile request at 901-457-2258; or by email to [email protected].

Please Note: As a part of doing business with the Town of Collierville, Tennessee, each individual, company or organization is required to obtain a Vendor Number to reference when requesting a copy of any bid. The Vendor will also be required to reference its Vendor Number on the Bid Response Form.

*The Vendor Number may be obtained by accessing the Town’s vendor registration site and registering as a Town of Collierville vendor at If you are a registered vendor of the Town of Collierville, but have forgotten or misplaced your vendor number, please visit and click on the “Vendor Information” link on the right hand side of the page. If you have any questions regarding the Vendor Number, please call the Purchasing Division at (901) 457-2254

Deadline for sealed bids, submitted to the Purchasing Division, 500 Poplar View Parkway, Collierville, TN 38017, is Thursday, May 21, 2015, 2:00:00 PM. (local time). The bids will then or soon thereafter be publicly opened and read aloud in the Town Board Chambers at 500 Poplar View Parkway, Collierville, Tennessee.

Bid packages must be clearly marked on the outside of the provided opaque Town of Collierville—Official Bid Envelope: TC2015-17 – “Life & Long Term Disability Insurance”

The Town of Collierville reserves the right to reject any and all bids, accept bids in part or whole, waive defects, informalities or minor irregularities in bids or bid process and to make bid awards, as deemed, to be in its best interest.

During the competitive bid process, Bidders are instructed not to contact the employees of the using departments concerning this Bid Request. The ONLY official position of the Town is that position which is stated in writing and issued by the Purchasing Division. No other means of communication, whether written or oral, shall be construed as a formal or official response statement.


Derek Honeycutt

Director of General Services

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