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Board approves ‘growler’ permit on second reading | Collierville Independent

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The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved an amendment to the town’s alcoholic beverages ordinance that will create a new class of beer permit for growler stores.

Board members voted 5-1 for the amendment Monday night on second reading. Alderman Tom Allen was the lone dissenter.

The amendment permits the consumption of individual beer samples on the premises of growler beer stores. Store patrons are allowed no more than five, one-ounce samples per business day.

Last October, the Collierville Beer Board gave On Tap Growlers a Class 2 off-premises beer permit, the same permit granted to convenience stores and gas stations. It does not allow the consumption of beer on the premises.

On Tap Growlers owners recently approached town staff to request an amendment to Collierville’s alcoholic beverages ordinance in order to allow tastings on the premises.

A growler is a glass bottle no larger than 64 ounces that is filled by a store employee with beer from a keg. The growler is securely sealed prior to sale.

To qualify for the new Class 5 “Growler” permit, businesses primary source of revenue must be from selling and refilling growlers, meaning grocery and convenience stores would not qualify.

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