‘Knights of the Kingdom’ VBS at Collierville First Pentecostal Church

Hear ye! Hear ye! Announcing "Knights of the Kingdom," a knights-in-training program from the kids power hour series.

"Knights of the Kingdom" is all about the whole armor of God. Children learn how each piece of armor protects and equips them for spiritual battle, how to resist the enemy and how to stand firm. Deeds of chivalry, feats of memory and faithful attendance transform students from squires into knights.

Animated songs on the resource DVD help children learn songs that emphasize putting on the whole armor of God. This DVD also provides ideas for games, snacks and crafts, and includes reproducible items. The songs only are also available on a music CD.

Knights of the Kingdom is designed to include a complete vacation Bible school program.

Collierville First Pentecostal Church

10545 Collierville Road

‘International Spy Academy’ VBS at Covenant Baptist Church

Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rearview mirror glasses, because your kids are heading to the "International Spy Academy," where they’ll train to become special agents for the one true God.

This exciting new vacation Bible school program is filled with fun mysteries your kids will love and the Bible-based apologetics you trust to teach them truths they won’t forget.

With "International Spy Academy," your mission is to instill in your children an understanding of the one true God of the Bible they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and share with those around them. They’ll uncover the clues that lead to the one true God who is the creator of all and who calls people from every tribe and nation to have fellowship with him through his son, Jesus Christ.

Synchronize your watches and join Covenant Baptist Church at the "International Spy Academy," where your special agents will learn to know, love and live for the one true God.

Covenant Baptist Church

3170 S. Houston Levee Road

‘Wilderness Escape’ VBS at Grace Crossing Church

During "Wilderness Escape" vacation Bible school, children learn to trust God as they join Moses on the incredible journey through the wilderness and discover what it was like to live in the Israelite camp.

"Wilderness Escape" is a whole new adventure where children will learn straight from a well-known Bible hero, Moses; discover firsthand what it was like to live in the Israelite camp; and join one of the 12 Tribes of Israel for games, music, crafts and manna.

For more information, visit gracecrossing.com

Grace Crossing Church

10576 Collierville Road

‘The Bible is God’s Word: Digging for Answers’ VBS at Forest Hill Church of Christ

During "The Bible is God’s Word: Digging for Answers," vacation Bible school, the reliability and inspiration of scripture are covered, including how we know the Bible has been transmitted accurately down through the ages.

Young people of all ages will have their confidence in the Bible bolstered. Materials for teens and adults are included.

Forest Hill Church of Christ

3950 Forest Hill-Irene Road, Germantown

‘Promised Land or Bust: Wilderness Road Adventures’ VBS at Collierville Church of Christ

God has broken the power of Pharaoh through 10 devastating plagues, and Israel is on the move toward the Promised Land.

However, when difficulties arise, the Israelites fail to trust in God’s power and choose to whine and complain instead. Through 40 years of wandering, God trains his people to trust him and to follow his ways. They finally arrive in Canaan, thankful for all that God has done.

In the same way, God has freed us from the grip of sin through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus. As obedient believers, we are on our own "Wilderness Road" trip, heading for our promised land – Heaven.

Each night (God’s Path, God’s Gift, God’s Strength, God’s Leaders and God’s Promised Land) will include singing, Bible class, crafts and snacks for the kids, and the week will close with a Parent Night and cookout on Friday, June 27.

Jesus is the only way, and God has the strength and power to get us home. Say, "No" to whining and complaining. Say, "Yes" to obeying and following on this VBS road trip adventure.

Collierville Church of Christ

575 Shelton Road

‘Jungle Safari: Where Kids Explore the Nature of God!’ VBS at Collierville Presbyterian Church

Get ready for a "Jungle Safari," where kids will have fun learning what’s so great about God by exploring the nature of God and learning how to serve God in practical ways.

During the "Jungle Safari," kids will participate in the large-group excitement of Toucan Jam; fuel up, jump up and get moving at Jaguar Junction; and experience God’s Word at Zip Line Bible Time.

Kids will also learn ways to serve others at Slug-a-Bug Swamp, plus explore and create through fun-filled crafts, snacks and games.

All rising kindergarteners to rising fifth-graders are welcome.

Collierville Presbyterian Church

202 W. Poplar Ave.

‘God’s Backyard Bible Camp – Under the Sun’ VBS at Collierville United Methodist Church

Get ready for a sunny outdoor adventure that starts in your own backyard and gets bigger each day as kids take the love of Jesus into their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

Complete with Bible stories that take place during the day and a Super Simple kit that includes everything you need to plan and lead, this VBS will transport your kids to a fun-filled world where they’ll learn to serve under the sun.

With large-group music, skits and activities, kids will be introduced to the Bible story and service theme. Then after they experience the other activities of the day, gather everyone back at Backyard Bash to review, encourage and motivate God’s young servants.

They will explore the Bible story in a variety of interactive ways and apply what they’ve learned. Games and snacks will give students time to move, relax and fill up, and all of the fun activities and tasty treats connect to the life focus of serving.

Kids will love the creative and purposeful craft options, developed to reinforce the Bible story and service focus.

Collierville United Methodist Church

454 W. Poplar Ave.


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