Town Square Vandalized

Six people were arrested early Friday morning for vandalizing a Civil War memorial on Collierville’s Town Square.
Police reports state, on Oct. 9, at approximately 2:50 a.m., “multiple individuals were observed vandalizing the Confederate monument on Collierville Town Square by spraying paint and pouring an adhesive with feathers on the monument.”
The suspects got into two vehicles and attempted to leave the scene. Officers stopped both vehicles on Center Street and South Rowlett, a block away from Town Square, and took six suspects into custody.
A can of blue spray paint was located in one of the vehicles. Feathers were also found.
Reports state that the words “f*** your rock” were applied in blue spray paint in four different locations throughout the park.
All of the suspects had the same phone number on their forearms written with black ink.
The number has been traced to the MacArthur Justice Center at The University of Mississippi.
Erected in the 1940s, the monument has drawn negative attention in recent months.
The marker is from the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It has the words “Confederate Park” engraved on it.
Historically referred to as “Town Square,” officials said three years ago that the area did not have an official name.
In 2017, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted unanimously to identify the space as “Town Square Park” to eliminate confusion.
Arrested for vandalism over $1,000 were:
Aaron Boggan, Memphis, bond $10,000
Marissa Kizer, Memphis, bond $10,000
Haley Rainwater, Memphis, bond $10,000
Valada Volkova, Germantown, bond $15,000
Vada Bronsink, Bartlett, bond $10,000
Chloe Perkins, Memphis, bond $10,000
Town employees have cleaned the vandalized areas.

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