To Believe in Yourself

Robert Gamble, a missionary ministering to despairing, drug-addicted youth in the Ukraine, ends every one of his e-mails with this word from e. e. cummings:

"We do not believe in

Ourselves until someone

Reveals that deep inside us

Something is valuable,

Worth listening to, worthy

Of our touch, sacred to our touch.

Once we believe in ourselves we can

Risk curiosity, wonder, Spontaneous

Delight, or any experience that reveals

The human spirit."

It’s a message that needs to be drilled into the consciousness of every young person. Why? If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re more likely to be lured down a self-destructive path.

Indeed, it’s in the interest of our health and well-being to embrace the truth of our sacredness thanks to our being made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). It’s in our best interest, because to believe that we’re persons of sacred worth, answerable to God, is to believe in ourselves. And to believe in ourselves is what moves us to take a self-actualizing path.

Warner F. Davis is pastor of Collierville Presbyterian Church, located at 202 West Poplar Ave. Warner has released a spiritual memoir titled, "Peace in a Mad Dog World: Finding Security When My Need For Control had Failed Me," through Virtual bookworm Publishing. For more information about his book, visit warnerfrancis For more information about the church, call 853.4226 or go online at


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