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Frequently Updating: Collierville families create fun while ‘social distancing’

We want to know how you are spending your days during the recommended period of ‘social distancing!’

Send your pictures and captions to Graha[email protected] and we will make sure to post them.

PICTURED: Scarlett Rhodes, 6, of Collierville and her horses Cheeto (left) and Marty (right) spent a muddy day on March 18 practicing social distancing.

PICTURED: Jillian, 7, draws a rainbow leading to the pot of gold while celebrating St. Patty’s day with mom, Jamie.

PICTURED: This is us enjoying the fresh air during our walk on Shelby Drive here in Collierville yesterday. Fresh air sure does a body good during this chaotic time we are lining through! In the picture left to right: Kayla, Avery, Madison and Andrew Rice with dogs, Ruby and Husker.
Stay healthy and Sane!
Emily and Bradley Rice

PICTURED: Local fifth grader Cooper Lockhart (blue bathing suit) and third grader Cameron Lockhart (blue shirt) offered to wash their mother’s car for a hefty $2 each. “They said they had so much fun that they didn’t care if I paid them or not,” said mom Candace Lockhart. “Of course, I did.”
Both young entrepreneurs go to CES.

PICTURED: Ally Beth Adams, 11, holds her 6-week-old cousin Ellis Adams for the first time and loves it. Holding a newborn baby makes us forget about all the sadness around us and reminds us of God’s blessings.

Submitted by Stacey Armstrong

PICTURED: Just playing in wet sand and muddy puddles! Mommy’s OCD out the window!

Katie Bailey

PICTURED: The Toussaint girls of Collierville work on a project that benefits the homeless. Self distancing ourselves doesn’t mean forgetting about those with unfathomable hardships. Those that are truly suffering among us often have a cold sidewalk or damp ground to lay on. 
Making ‘plarn’ (plastic bag yarn) to be crocheted into sleeping mats is a way to reuse a resource that gets discarded. 
My mother and her women’s group over in Arkansas gather together and crochet the mats. I’ve never been a good crocheter but I can put my hands and the hands of my four daughters to use to make the ‘plarn!’

Lenae Toussaint

PICTURED: Homeschooling

Brittany Striger

PICTURED: Homeschooling

Laurie Yeargin Gilbert

PICTURED: Lorelei, 11, and Loudon, 5, paint a papier-mâché volcano during the science portion of their homeschooling. Soon they will add food coloring, water, dish soap, baking soda and vinegar to make the volcano erupt.

PICTURED: Lucas, Mia and Dean LaLonde, grandchildren of Collierville’s Lyn Whitson, do an online drawing class in their home at Ft. Bragg, N.C. 

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