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Not just the frosting on the cake: Frost Bake Shop goes from home kitchen to nationally recognized company

PICTURED: Frost Bake Shop owner Bill Kloos Jr. has retail locations in Collierville and Memphis.

By Pamela Mirabella
What began with a love for baking in 2004, Bill and Lynne Kloos started with an oven and a table in their kitchen, selling around 18 cakes most days, has turned into a nationally known company turning out more than one thousand cupcakes and 150 cakes per day.
In 2012, the couple’s son, Bill Kloos Jr. took over and All American Sweets Corp. became a delicious success. His parents retired.
The following year, the dessert company underwent a name change and Frost Bake Shop was born.
Shortly after, Frost Bake Shop opened two retail stores. Kloos’ wife, Kristi Kloos, now oversees the operation of both.
Kloos took his culinary experience and developed flavors and a process where 18 bakers now spend their days in the Bartlett based facility, preparing cupcakes, cookies, pies and cakes.
The retail stores, one in Memphis proper, the other in Collierville offer customers walk-in pastries and opportunities to special order birthday cakes, wedding cakes and other decadent desserts.
Today, Frost Bake Shop is more than just a local bakery. Many restaurants, including Soul Fish and Lucchesi’s, feature Frost cakes. Brides flock to the Collierville location where they can sample flavors and order their dream cake for their big day. Classrooms across the area enjoy specially decorated cookies celebrating holidays. The dessert company is even featured online at Williams Sonoma.
Kloos said the backbone of the company are the bakers and preparers that spend their days putting Frost’s unique recipes into batter and baking up the tried and true deliciousness the green-boxed desserts have become famous for.
From the humble beginnings of his parent’s kitchen more than 16 years ago, Kloos said he loves what he sees ahead for Frost Bake Shop. Whatever the future holds, it will certainly be sweet.

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