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Collierville not affected by MLGW ‘boil water’ alert

With MLGW calling for a precautionary ‘boil water’ alert on Thursday afternoon for its customers, Collierville officials want residents to know that the town’s water customers should not be concerned.

Town staff noted that Collierville has an “independent water system that is not connected to MLGW’s system.”

MLGW announced a likely ‘boil water’ alert on Thursday morning. The alert is being issued due to increased water usage (customers leaving their pipes dripping to avoid burst pipes), broken water mains and frozen water reservoirs.

MLGW recently began encouraging customers to scale down their water use. However, water usage did not dip enough.

A ‘boil water’ alert means that customers must bring tap water to a “rolling boil” for three minutes and let cool before drinking or using to cook.

Collierville produces and distributes water to residents from treatment plants on Fleming Road, Frank Road, Distribution Parkway and Main Street, according to staff.

“Even during this inclement weather, the town’s water system is fully operational, and our water pressure remains normal.”

“Any issues can be directed to Collierville Public Services at 901.457.2800 during the weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. After hours, call the Collierville Police non-emergency number: 901.853.3207.”

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