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Kindness Tour: Collierville kid works to help community

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A few weeks ago, Deontra Jackson asked her mother, Demeatrice, if she could give snacks and drinks to all of the Collierville sanitation workers.

After she and her mom made 40 snack bags filled with goodies like chips, honey buns, crackers and soft drinks, they called the Town of Collierville to pick up the bags.

Deontra was so excited to receive a thank you letter from town employees.

She wanted to keep it going and got a little help with some money from her grandfather. Recent news was troubling her and she was upset. She wanted to do something to spread kindness. She asked to drop off more snacks and planned to include the police staff.

On June 16, Deontra and her parents stopped at the Collierville Police Department. Dale Lane, the new Collierville police chief met the family and introduced Deontra to officers and staff so she could pass out snacks and talk.

The Jackson family shared how they feel about living in Collierville and wanted to make sure all citizens are treated with kindness and feel safe. It was a beautiful meeting filled with care and positive energy.

After their CPD stop, Deontra’s family continued to the Town Courthouse and then finished the Kindness Tour at Town Hall. Deontra thanked town employees for working all the time and helping people:

“My name is Deontra Jackson and I want to thank you for all you do for Collierville. Thank you and enjoy these snacks! I want you to be safe and healthy.”

Deontra plans to continue passing out snacks and kindness. She has experienced some health issues over the years and feels very close to the doctors and nurses at Baptist Hospital in Collierville. She wants to pass out snacks there and also include all of our town’s fire departments.

To learn how you can help Deontra keep it going by donating cases of snacks, juice, or soft drinks.

Message Little Helpers on Facebook to participate in her Kindness Tour. Deontra has been volunteering for years with this family volunteer group. She came up with this snack idea to inspire other Little Helpers to spread kindness, too.

Deontra wants everyone to be good to other people and be safe. It’s truly a simple message and maybe it just takes one determined little girl to show us all the way.

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