Greer named Woman of the Year

When local shoppers returned to the Kroger on New Byhalia Road last week after a 48-day hiatus due to renovation efforts sparked by a tragic mass shooting on Sept. 23 there were plenty of new and unfamiliar things to take in.

However, at least one familiar, kind and positive force was on site to comfort customers as they readjusted to their once commonplace convenience store.

Her name is Donna Greer, a sales associate and cashier for Kroger since 2013 and a Cordova resident.

Greer has spent the past four years impacting customers at the Collierville Kroger and has garnered quite a following in the process.

“My line stays long,” Greer said, acknowledging that she is a more-than nimble cashier. “They just love my customer service. I try to compliment each customer. I am on a mission to uplift people’s spirits. Small things can impact people’s lives.”

Greer, a former pre-kindergarten teacher and a member of Hope Church, attributes her affirmative attitude to her mother, Carolyn Ford, and her personal relationship with God.
“My mom has always uplifted my spirits,” she noted. “And I have a daily devotion with God.”
For those wondering how Greer keeps her positive attitude, she said that she has always tried creative ways to bring joy and purpose to others.

She often wears a different flower every day of the week and has an entire drawer full of colorful botanical apparel.

She even has one young customer who has worn a fashionable facsimile of her flower in the check-out line.

Greer, who was present during the Sept. 23 mass shooting event that sent shockwaves through the town, said she is not afraid to return to work and that she misses her customers.

“It was very scary but I want to get back to work,” she said. “Our survival is a blessing. I have forgiven the man who did this. I know that everyone heals at their own time. We must have strength to move on and not remain stagnant.”

Greer, who admittedly “grew up shy,” has already drafted at least 100 cards of gratitude for customers returning to Kroger’s grand reopening on Nov. 10.

When she isn’t busy uplifting her customers, Greer, who gets up at 4 a.m. every morning, enjoys reading, watching cooking programs and baths.

She is also quite prolific on social media and, of course, has a history of posting positive messages for her friends and followers. But her messages don’t stop there.

“Learn to create your own sunshine” and “Be yourself and be positive” are a few that come to mind.

For those worried about losing Collierville’s Woman of the Year to another line of work, Greer said that she cannot see herself leaving Kroger.

“I love it here,” she said. “I really do.”

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