Germantown addresses reports of ‘blue water’

The Germantown Public Works Department has announced reports of blue water coming from the faucets of some residents.

City officials stated that it is “imperative to note that the City of Germantown is in compliance with all the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for water.â€

Both TDEC and the EPA require that the city test and report on water on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe. In addition, the city follows the state water quality guidelines and tests water services in 30 houses every three years for lead and copper.

At this time, the city is currently in the process of collecting those 30 samples.

In an effort to be proactive and address the concerns of residents, the city’s water department has increased the amount of phosphates in the water. Phosphates in water act as a coating agent that is utilized for corrosion resistance and lubricity on piping.

The water department has also conducted additional flushing operations of the city’s water system. These remedial actions to prevent copper corrosion have been taken place since April and data received has indicated that these measures are decreasing the copper levels to be below the action level set by TDEC.

Last Thursday morning, Public Works and Administration staff met with several subject matter experts in the field of water treatment and drinking water to discuss concerns about potential copper corrosion.

The subject matter experts included officials from both the local and regional office of TDEC, members from the University of Memphis Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research (CAESER), experts from each chemical company that supplies chemicals for water treatment to the City, design engineers that helped to design different aspects of the city’s Water Treatment Plants, as well as local chemists.

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The City’s Public Works department will continue to work with TDEC, CAESER, Allen & Hoshall and chemical providers to monitor, assess and come to a resolution of any copper corrosion issues that may exist.

Officials said that the water provided by Germantown is safe for consumption.

To report any issues, contact Public Works at 901.757.7350.


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